Trend Report: Blushing Sheep?

blushing sheep?

blushing sheep? by sarahmadeline featuring leather pumps
Trine’s Wardrobe / Angelica Blick / Mary-Kate Olsen

In my small and sartorially-cautious hometown, I’m normally not one to wear bold statement pieces like this coat, with wool like a fuzzy, blushing sheep. It’s a subtly whimsical thing no matter how you dress it up or down and I wish I had the guts to proudly wear it. But alas, I’ve instead been sticking to relatively safe, while still chic, winter shades of black, gray, white, deep green, deep red, beiges of all kinds, etc., etc. I like my moody color palette, but I was happy to see this emerging trend of lovely, soft-hued overcoats! They brighten up any dreary December outfit, and must be so warm to bundle up in. Perfect for holiday shopping in the city while shielding yourself from blustering winds. 

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