Don’t Let the Bag Bugs Bite

Don't Let the Bag Bugs Bite

Acne Studios long sleeve sweater / Zara mini skirt / Zara black boots / Fendi leather handbag, $1,980 / Yves Saint Laurent bracelet / Byredo fragrance

Continuing on with my affinity for quirky pops in fashion,  how could I not post about Fendi’s new Bag Bugs? Original and eye-catching, these totable critters, along with their oh-so-loveable companions, the Buggies, are single-handedly captivating the fashion world’s imagination. For this set, I wanted to let the delightfully pecuilar handbag shine. So to keep busy distractions at bay, I chose muted, neutral colors for the rest of the outfit, letting the bag’s primary pops of blue and yellow to stand out. If you haven’t yet watched the Fendi Buggies video, please enjoy below! It’s adorable and whimsical beyond compare, somewhat reminiscent of a Studio Ghibli film gone haute couture.


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