Mike Frederiqo Fashion Illustrations

I’m a recent émigré to the whimsical world of illustrations. Its polka-dot elephants and sassy stars (Marc Johns) beat reality a hundred to one. This fanciful planet is already populated by a furry bear playing a keyboard and another dressed as a narwhal (Julia Pott), but now, the style legends have entered the realm, thanks to Mike Frederiqo and his peachy fashion illustrations. You might have already seen them making their rounds on the internet. Nevertheless, enjoy some inspiration today with these bendy, stretchy logos as they pay an offbeat homage to sartorial greats. Anna Wintour looks quite charming like that, wouldn’t you say?
P.S. Blogging will be suffering a bit of a setback as first semester ends. Please excuse the hiatus over the next few days as I’ll be busy with phosphorylation cascades, G-protein-linked receptors, and cyclic AMP…. Oh how I wish I could activate a transcription factor triggering a gene for the instant memorization protein.

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