Fraicheurie – a made-up word derived from the French fraicheur, which means freshness

Sarah Madeline, 21, Manila + D.C. College junior on The Hilltop studying a major with ~29 syllables (Science, Technology and International Affairs with a concentration in Business, Growth and Development). Big nerd, big chocolate lover, big movie buff. East Coast suburbanite with a heritage in the Philippine archipelago. Mexican food enthusiast. World music aficionado. Proud owner of a salt-and-pepper mini schnauzer. Amateur creative.

THE FRAICHEURIE FILES is a collection of writings, photographs, and potpourri. It’s where I catalogue what I’m doing, wearing, reading, writing, and discovering.

Moodboard on Tumblr,

Writings on Medium,

Photographs on VSCO Cam,

Visual journal on Instagram,

Sartorial scrapbook on Polyvore,

Style wishlist on Wanelo,

Blog right here


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