H&M Studio AW 2014

I’ve been on the lookout for fresh new looks for fall, especially since my upcoming first year in college deserves a wardrobe upgrade. For the first time, I won’t have a dress code or uniform to abide by. So instead, I hereby proclaim this H&M Studio collection my new dress code to start with.

All images are via luelle, which is an excellent fashion/lifestyle mag I just discovered. You’ll love it if you’re a fan of Elin Kling or Freshnet.

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Untitled No. 1

Untitled No. 1

What I wore to brunch in the city with my dad and little sister. A soft lace bralet is highly recommended and complements a cozy meal of pancakes and omelets. See the insta of what I ate by clicking here.

Notes: Chuck Taylors can be subbed for a pair of Total Aluminum Supergas.



Excuse me as I indulge in a quick blitz of some pure, unadulterated fashion today. If I were to take a shot at the vintage-modern style paradox, I’d picture something of this sort. Chic, old-fashioned shoes, luxurious satin shorts, a trendy turtleneck and a classic handbag blend together for a perfect tension of eras. Accessorize that with a slightly art deco statement necklace and lush, noir-rouge lips and you’ll be posh as a Ritz.And here’s a swanky little tune to serve as soundtrack:


P.S. As far as music on the blog goes, I’ve been dying to throw in some of my favorite globally sourced songs. I’m thinking of doing a World Café weekly special featuring all kinds of fun, eclectic things, so stay posted folks.

Mike Frederiqo Fashion Illustrations

I’m a recent émigré to the whimsical world of illustrations. Its polka-dot elephants and sassy stars (Marc Johns) beat reality a hundred to one. This fanciful planet is already populated by a furry bear playing a keyboard and another dressed as a narwhal (Julia Pott), but now, the style legends have entered the realm, thanks to Mike Frederiqo and his peachy fashion illustrations. You might have already seen them making their rounds on the internet. Nevertheless, enjoy some inspiration today with these bendy, stretchy logos as they pay an offbeat homage to sartorial greats. Anna Wintour looks quite charming like that, wouldn’t you say?
P.S. Blogging will be suffering a bit of a setback as first semester ends. Please excuse the hiatus over the next few days as I’ll be busy with phosphorylation cascades, G-protein-linked receptors, and cyclic AMP…. Oh how I wish I could activate a transcription factor triggering a gene for the instant memorization protein.

Musings + A Polyvore Set


Marni green top / Sass Bide short mini skirt / Joe’s Jeans high heel shoes / VBH blue handbag / Topshop midi ring / STELLA McCARTNEY tortoise glasses / La Mer The Oil Absorbing TonicI got a bit carried away with the writing today…When I go about trying to find my own personal style, sometimes I feel like I’m suffering from the identity confusion of a postcolonial literary character. Let me explain. For about fifteen, arguably seventeen, years, my fashion sense has been oppressed by the dominion of suburban-preppy garb. First, there were sweatshirts, jeans, and Uggs (à la middle school). Then subsequently, kilts, crew necks, and Lily Pulitzer (à la high school). I’ve also played competitive soccer since I had size four cleats, and thus I have a bit of an athlete’s closet (sweatpants, drawers of cotton tees, baggy shorts–the ones that aren’t the chic, runway type). Basically, if I wanted to assimilate, I didn’t have much elbow room for sartorial expression.

But as senior year carries on and my time in suburbia runs out (my style ambitions sighing in glorious anticipation), I find myself in a struggle to develop a sort of “national style identity after colonial rule.” How does one overcome the wardrobe culture of a cable-knit-sweater-clad colonizer and embrace an identity involving metallic mini-skirts, cat-eyed tortoise shell glasses, and fashionable chihuahuas?? That’s a question I long to answer. To my dismay, you can’t quite parade around The Academy dressed in sculptured stilettos and toting oversized, blue clutches without incurring puzzled snickers and accusations of “trying too hard.” I don’t know if I should channel my inner Audrey and embrace la vie à la mode in all its man-repelling glory, or ring in with the Girls that only know Pearls but also sport leggings and CustomInk T-shirts for those more casual days. Then again, maybe I should just approach this from another angle. Prep, if done the Jenna Lyons way, is still quite fashionable after all. And who am I kidding, I love J. Crew. And Gossip Girl.

In the meantime, as I figure out the style I most identify with (preppy, bohemian, luxe, minimal, tomboy??) I’ll just continue secretly listening to trendy Euro Hotel Lounge music (via Songza) while pretending I’m somewhere in Paris.

Agate Bookends

Kimberly McDonald Agate Bookends

Agate, the crystalline quartz that forms within volcanic rock, comes in many swirls of sparkling colors and hues. They range from beautiful icy blues, frosty whites, burnt oranges, and deep lavenders. And now, a hearty chunk of it makes quite the handsome library accessory, lending a luxurious dose of surreal exoticness to any bookshelf. In short, these bookends rock! (Pun intended. It’s so sad, sometimes I swear my humor is limited to really bad puns.)
These beauts can be found at The Evolution Store.

Minimal Splash

minimal splash

What an exciting week it’s been for me, and not necessarily in the good way. Allow me a metaphor. Can you relate to a time when everything surrounding your life was precariously perched, threatening to topple over and disrupt what might be a relatively placid lake? It’s those days when you pray that whatever happens, it happens with minimal splash.

Anyway, excuse my enigmatic philosophies. For this set, I pulled together some simple pieces (gray tee and black pants) and jazzed them up with a few statement accessories. Hello spotted-cow clutch, ciao leather dress shoes, top of the morning black chapeau. It’s those delightful details that can make or break an outfit, don’t you think?

Finally, I want to share a track I just discovered via my Flume Pandora station 🙂 It’s borderline bizarre, but I can see it as the soundtrack for some super cool, ultra hip fashion commercial showing flashes and glimpses of glamorous people doing glamorous things in glamorous places. You know what I’m talking about. It would basically scream, “I’m too cool for you, and I know it, and it’s great.” And as an afterthought, “Sorry I’m not sorry.” And isn’t that always the case with la vie à la mode? The aspirational wonders of it all, so great, addictive, and quite unconcerned with regular life. Whether that’s good or bad I can’t yet decide.

Yours truly,

P.S. As you can tell, I was in such a random writing mood today..

Don’t Let the Bag Bugs Bite

Don't Let the Bag Bugs Bite

Acne Studios long sleeve sweater / Zara mini skirt / Zara black boots / Fendi leather handbag, $1,980 / Yves Saint Laurent bracelet / Byredo fragrance

Continuing on with my affinity for quirky pops in fashion,  how could I not post about Fendi’s new Bag Bugs? Original and eye-catching, these totable critters, along with their oh-so-loveable companions, the Buggies, are single-handedly captivating the fashion world’s imagination. For this set, I wanted to let the delightfully pecuilar handbag shine. So to keep busy distractions at bay, I chose muted, neutral colors for the rest of the outfit, letting the bag’s primary pops of blue and yellow to stand out. If you haven’t yet watched the Fendi Buggies video, please enjoy below! It’s adorable and whimsical beyond compare, somewhat reminiscent of a Studio Ghibli film gone haute couture.

Trend Report: They’re Watching You

they're watching you

Eye don’t know about you, but eye can’t get enough of fashion’s newest trend. Recently, eye’ve had my eye out for quirky, offbeat motifs (particularly animal-related) that have been appearing on recent pieces, such as on this Fendi bag, these Royal Terrier Slipper Loafers, this cat ring, and any of Charlotte Olympia’s kitty slippers. So when eye noticed all these odd, baby blue peepers discreetly popping up on various blogs and fashion sites, eye was delighted! It’s a perfectly strange and mystifying kind of fad.